John Heal



Urban runoff from the village of Eastsound flows into the head of a narrow and sensitive inlet, East Sound. This study examines heavy metal and bacteriological contaminants in stormwater to determine if there is a problem.


Samples of stormwater from Eastsound were analyzed for heavy metals and bacteria and the results are compared to existing data and studies of stormwater in other urban areas of western Washington. Levels of copper, zinc, and bacteria indicate that the stormwater entering the East Sound degrades the water quality below the standard set by State law for Class AA marine waters.


With a comparatively small urban area and relatively light rainfall, Eastsound does not appear to have major stormwater problems at this time. Recommendations are made for utilizing Best Management Practices to manage and prevent future stormwater impacts. These recommendations include land use and watershed planning, maintenance of existing stormwater facilities, protecting the wetland in Eastsound, requiring that sediments be controlled, and educating contractors and the general public about the importance of prevention in maintaining water quality.