#1 Subject: Logger Poetry Gathering 1986 (unedited) bits and pieces of video #7
Location: Shelton, Mason Co.
Performers in order of appearance:
N.B. Gardener, Toutle, Wa

#2 Subject: Logger Poetry Gathering 1986 bits and pieces of video #7
Location: Shelton, Mason Co.
Performers in order of appearance
Boone Salisbury Poet
Hank Nelson, song writer, singer, poet, Silverton, Wa
Jens Lund, Director of Folk Life Council
Virgil Wallace, poet and axe tricks, Amboy, Wa
Darcy Cunningham Loggers wife-poet, Buckley, Wa
Virgil Wallace
Woody Gifford poet, Seaview, Wa
Linda and Earl Marcellius singers poets, Plains, Wa

#3 Subject: Logger Poetry gathering 1986 And Mason Co. Fair bits and pieces of video #7
Location: Shelton Wa. Mason Co.
First Half
Performers in order of appearance:
Shots of audience
Jens Lund introducing Virgil Wallace
Virgil Wallace preforming ax tricks Amboy, Wa
Linda and Earl Marcellius Plains, Wa
Second Half
Shots of fair
Interview with club members of Mt. Men association.
Modern Dance recital

#4 Subject: Radio Interview with Woody Gifford (bad Video)

#5 Subject: " Percussion Instruments"
Location: Washington Folk Life council Olympia, Wa
Performers: Diane Ellison, Hank Nelson, and Woody Gifford

Title: "Hobo, Hobo where do you come from?"
Subject: The Hobos way of life 8 min.
Location: On Location - Railroads and Hobo camps
Video by: Jack Estes
Performers: The Hobos themselves
Title: "Laddie" 1 min.

# 7
Title: Logger Poetry in the Northwest
Subject: Parade in Shelton, and Washington State Folklife council logger poet performance in Shelton
Performers: N.B. Gardner Sr, Professor Henry York Steiner
Linda Mercellus, Virgil Wallace, Jens Lund, Lon Minkle, Hank Nelson, Woody Gifford, Darcie Cunningham, Boone Salisbury,
Earle Marcellus
More can be found on tapes 1-3 and 20-23 (Master unedited tapes)

# 8 4 VIDEOS
Title: Wood in Washington"
Subject: The story of wooden products made in Washington, Folk art made from wood.
Artist: Hank Nelson Lon Mikler, Woody Gifford Don Olson Griag Colfax, George Swanaset, Virgil Wallace, Ovia Wirrkala, Otto Oja Fred, Bero, Russ and Diane Ellison, Goldie LeSamiz, Linda Marcellus, Floyd Broadbent, Elise Johnson, C.J. Calloway
John Engfer, Adam Benner, Ben Bafus, Rod and Jeff Melcher, John Gross, Karol Osusky, Warner Jim, Pat Gibson, Dick Seaburg, Herschel Rolff, Henry Smith, Darcie Cunningham, Doug Harrison, and Betty Roberts
Producer: Jens Lund and folk life council
Location: on Location in Washington

# 9  Title: "Doing something for the State we love"
Subject: A History of Washinton State
Produced by:
Locations: Quilters, Robert Grays Ship "Lady Washington", Lewis and Clark run, Native Americans on Carving cannoes, Exhibit at the Bruke,"Wings over Washington"(air show planned for centennial), Pacific Sumit(trade issues) and Centennial State Games.

# 10  Title: Jensness "Log Drivers Waltz"
Performed by: Jens Lund

# 11 2 videos
Title: 3 min. Image Vieo "For as Long as I Can Remember"
Subject: A view of the folk art exhibit in museum.
Produced by: Washington Folk Life Council
Location: State Museum Folk Life Museum, Olympia, Wa
17 same as this

#12  Title: "Shadow of the Forest"
Subject: Modern Logging techniques and how that and the economy has affected the logging industry in Madson Co. Interviews with loggers and county officials. How the County is coping.
Producer: Burke Long (Evergreen production) 1986
Location Madson Co.

# 13 2 videos
Title "Contest Logger" 1987
Subject: History of logging and contest logging. The story of Diane Ellison campion woman contest logger.
Produced by: Diane Ellison

#14  Title: "Log rolling" (3-4 min.) repeats 6 times
Subject: Samples of log rolling from 1947-1986
Produced by: Diane Ellison

# 15  Title: "Oyster Fest"
Subject: Shelton's annual Oct. celibration held at the fair grounds by the ? . The money raised goes back into the comunity as scolarships, and donations to foundations. This video show the event by looking at the people taking part in Oyster fest. The oyster shucking contest, tasting the oyster,and interviewing the crowd.
Produced by: Bruke Long

# 16  Title: "Logger Poetry" 12 min.
Subject: Program of Logger poets
Proformers in order of appearance
Vi Iund-Poet-Loggers wife, Winlock,Wa
Virgil Wallace-Poet-ax tricks Amboy, Wa
Hank Nelson-Singer-song writer, and poet
Produced by: Folk Life council

# 17 (20-375)
Title: Folk Art
Subject: 1st. half- Folk art and artist of Washington
2nd half- Pit Bull fighting

Part 1:    Performers in order of appearance
Art exhibit at State Musuem
John Engfer: making baskets
Karol Osusky chairs he has made
Kimi Ota Japenese design quilter

Part 2: Subject: Pit Bull breeding for fighting and for pets. traing for fighting. Saving the breed. A PitBull dog fight.

# 18 (20-186) 2 videos
Title: Loggers and Their Lore 4:54 min
Subject: Story of Logging featuring Chainsaw art and poety.
Performers: Woody Gifford Seaview, WA and Otto Oja Cathlamet, Wakinkum Co.
Producers: KCT Seattle-Walkinshaw, Producer

# 19  Title: 1985-1986 Staten Island Council on the Arts: Folk Artist Program 21 mins
Subject; Taking the Folk Artist into the class room
Albanion muscian, Asian dancer, Norwegian Rosmolling, Arabic cooking and culture, chinese calligraphy, Irish story teller and singer.

# 20-23 1 of 4 bits and pieces of video #7
Subject: Logger Poets Gathering
Location: Shelton, Mason Co.
Artist: Jens Lund and Hank Nelson

# 21 2 of 4 bits and pieces of video #7
Subject: logger Poets Gathering
Location: Shelton
Artist: Woody Gifford, Boone Salisbury, and Virgil Wallace

#22 3 of 4 Bits and pieces of video # 7
Subject: Logger Poets Gathering
Location: Shelton, Mason Co.
Artist: Virgil Wallce, Linda Marcellus

#23 4 of 4 bits and pieces of video #7
Subject: Logger poets gathering
Location: Shelton Mason Co.
Artist: Nancy Tuinstra

Brown, Jerry                    see slides and blackand white prints

Cunningham, Darcie         see slides and black and white prints

Ellison, Diane                  see slides

Engfer, John                    see slides and black and white prints

Gardener, N.B.                see slides and black and whites prints

Gifford, Woody                see slides and black and white prints

Hobo, camps                  see slides

Lund,Vi-Poet-Loggers      see slides

Lund, Jens                      see slides and black and white prints

Marcellius, Linda and Earl    see slides and blackand white prints

Nelson, Hank                   see slides
                                      see slides, blackand white prints, and 35 prints

Oja, otto                        see slides and black and white prints
                                    see videos

Osusky, Karol                see slides

Tuinstra, Nancy              see slides

Wallace, Virgil                see slides and black and white prints