Artist: Unknown
Subject: Wooden boat Festival
Location: Port Townsend, Jefferson Co.
Photos by: Jens Lund 1981-84
4 pages

    1 of 4    Frames: first 16 boats
                Frames: last 4 of Frank Ferrell-musician
    2 of 4    Frames: 5
    3 of 4    Frames: 20
    4 of 4    Frames: 13 of festival

Artist: unknown
Subject: Model boats
Location: San Francisco Maritime Museum
Photos by: Jens Lund 1984
Frames: 10 Columbia river gillnetter
Frames: last 3 Monterrey Trawler

Subject: "Salmon River Boat"
Location: Asotin Co. Museum, Asotin Co.
Photos by: Jens Lund 1988
Frames 5 of boat

Subject: Fishing Artifacts-belonging to Ken Martin, (fisherman)
Location Skamokawa, Wahkiakum, Co.
Photos by: Jens Lund 1986
2 pages:

    1 of 2    Frames: 20 of Ken and his artifacts
    2 of 2    Frames: 10 of artifacts

Subject: Gillnetting
Location: Lindstrom Boat Works, Astoria, Or. Clatsop, Co.
Photos by: Jens Lund 1988
2 pages:

    1 of 2    Frames: variety of old time fishermen, Kent Maartin, Bob Nikka, and Arnold Peterson
    2 of 2    Frames: 1 Gunnar Hermanson (Boatbuilder and fisherman)
                Frames: 2-4 Russ Lindstrom (fisherman)
                Frames: 5-7 Bill Finucane (fisherman)
                Frames: 7-10 Jack Marincovich (fisherman)

Subject: Log-loading
Location: Port of Olympia
Photos by: Jens Lund 1988
Frames: 10

Artist: Dawn Grytness
Subject: Fly-tier
location: Kalama River, Cowlitz Co.
Photos by: Janet Gilmore 1987
3 pages:

    1 of 3    Frames: 19 Dawn and her work
Photos by: Jens Lund 1987
    2 of 3    Frames: 20 Dawn and her work
    3 of 3    Frames; 5 of Dawn at work

Artist: Clarence DeWitt
Subject: Fly-tier
Location: Richland, Benton Co
Photos by: Harry Gammerdinger 1987
Frames: 9 slides

Artist: Fred Marquand
Subject: Tattooer- leather carver
Location Bellingham, Whatcom Co.
Photos by: Janet Gilmore 1987
3 pages:

    1 of 3    Frames: 18 Fred, his work and patterns
    2 of 3    Frames: 20 of leather work
    3 of 3    Frames: 16 of Fred and his model sail boats

Artist: Andrew Evich (fisherman)
Subject: Model boatmaker
Location: Bellingham, whatcom Co.
Photos by: Janet Gilmore 1987
Frames: 19 of models (seiners and gilnetters)
2 pages:

    1 of 2
    2 of 2    Frames: 8 of model trawler

Artist: Solomon Lane (Nooksack fisherman)
Subject: Model boatbuilder
Location: Bellingham Whatcom Co
Photos by: Jen Lund 1986
Frames: 15 of Solomon and his work

Artist: unknown
Subject: Western Washington Pioneer furniture
location Museum of History and Industry, Seattle-King Co.
Photos by: Howard Giske 1985
Frames: 20

Subject: Historical Logging Photos 1910's
Location Whatcom Museum, Bellingham
Copies by Darius Kinsey
Frames: 17

Artist: Northwest Washington contemporary
Subject: Wooden furniture and art
Location "Fine Woodworking" exhibit Whatcom Museum Bellingham
Photos by: Unknown 1985 (May be Phyllis Harrison)
Frames: 8

Subject: Cranberry boxes
Location: Ilwaco Heritage Museum Pacific Co.
photos by: Jens Lund 1986
Frames 3
Subject: Apple boxes
Location: Yakima Valley Museum
Photos by: Jens Lund 1986
Frames: 2 apple boxes

Subject: Museum exhibits
location: Yakima Valley Museum, Yakima Co
Photos by: Jen Lund 1986
Frames 1-9 Painting of Yakima early settlement
Frames 10-12 apple boxes
frames 13-16 apple box making apparatus
Frames 17-20 apple boxes and labels

Artist: variety
Photos by Jens Lund and ?
Frames: 1-2 Logger drawings by Eldon "Ole" Olin, Springfield, Lane Co. Or.
Frame: 4 Unknown
Frame: 6 Logger cartoon by Art Reynolds
Frames 9-11 Western art by Frederic Remington (1890-1910)
Frames: 12-16 Charlie Russell sculptures
Frames: 17-20 Charlie Russell western art

Subject: Apple warehouse
Location: Wenatchee,Wa
photos by: Jens Lund 1984
Frames: 4

Subject: Wood and Bark Backgrounds
Location: Olympia Wa
photos by: Jens Lund 1987
Frames: 20

Subject: variety
Location: Variety
Photos by Jens Lund
Frames: 1 Stump ranch near Clallam bay Clallam Co. 1984
Frames: 2-5 Paluse Wheat ranches, Whitman Co. 1987
Frames: 6-12 Sherman Pass 1984
Frame: 18 Historical railway marker Midway B. C. Canada 1987
Frame: 20 Wooden Corral Royal Slope Grant Co.1986

Subject: Variety
Location: Variety
Photos by: Jens Lund
Frames 1-12 Cape Flattery sea and landscapes- Clallam Co. 1984
Frames: 13-20 Apple Orchards near Cashmere Wa Chelan Co. 1984

Subject: Landscape photos
Location: variety
Photos by Harry Gammerdinger 1987 and Bob Wells 1983
Photos by Harry Gammerdinger
Frames: 1-3 Slides along route 530
Frames: 4-10 along route 20
Frames: 11-17 along route 97
Photos by Bob Wells
Frame: 19 Grays harbor Co.
Frame: 20 Central Cascades

Subject:Historical interest and Folk art
Location: Tacoma area
Photos by Jens Lund 1984
Frames: 1-12 Camp 6 Logging Museum
Frames 13 Nisqually
Frames: 14-20 German Cooking (dumplings soup)

Subject: Variety
location: Variety
Photos by : Variety
Frames 1-8 Lowman and Hanford Co Seattle (1910)
Frames: 9 Farm auction Puyallup Pierce Co. Photo by Phyllis Harrison 1987
Frames: 10 rug
Frames: 11 Rabbit gravemarker-Tenino, Thruston Co. Phyllis Harrison 1987
Frames: 14-20 Environment map of Washington form Between the Mts: A portrait of E.W.A. by John Alwin

Artist: Milt Walker
Subject: Rock Garden
Location: Seattle, King Co.
photos by:
Frames: 20 of garden

Artist: Pete Merrill
Subject: Whirligigs
Location: Belfair , Mason Co.
Photos by Phyllis Harrison
Frames: 3

Subject: Columbia River gillnetters
Location: rosburg, Wahkiakum Co.
Photos by: Joanie Taylor

Subject: Finnish Historical Artifacts
Location: Raymond, Pacific Co.
Photos by Jens Lund
Frames:1-6 Puka knives from Russo-Finish war
Frames: 8-11 Ed Janhunen's wobbly button

Artist: Art Zabel
Subject: Rhododedron park
Photos by: 1988
2 pages:

    1 of 2    Frames: 17 of park
    2 of 2    Frames: 12 of park

Artists: Ernie Sites(Singer) Wendell, Goodin Co. Idaho; Sunny Hancock (Cowboy and Logger Poet) Lakeview, Lake Co. Or.;
Dr. Fred Bornsstedt DVM (Singer) Enterprise, Wallowa Co. Or.; Jess Goodwin, Hartyline, Grant Co. WA; Joe Young, Caldwell, Canyon Co. Idaho; Donald "Bud" Stewart, Smyrna(Royal City), Grant Co. Idaho.
Subject 1st. Washington State Cowboy Poetry gathering
Location: Sunnyside Pioneer Association, Yakima, Wa
Photos by: Jens Lund 1990
3 pages:

    1 of 3    Afternoon concert
                Frames:1-2 Sites, Hancock, Bornstedt, ?, Goodwin, Young and Stewart
                Frames: 3 Hancock, Young, Stewart, Goodwin and Sites
                Frames: 4-8 Stewart reciting
                Frames: 9-12 Goodwin reciting
                Frames: 13-14 Sites Singing
                Frames: 15-17 Young Reciting
                Frame: 18 Bornstedt singing
    2 of 3    Frames 1-10 Hancock reciting
                Frames: 17 Parking lot Goodwin, ?, Bornstedt and Sites
                Evening Concert
                Frames: 18 Stewart,Bornstedt and Sites
                Frames: 19 Jens Lund Photos by Sharon Rasmussen
    3 of 3    Frames: 1-7 Stewart reciting
                Frames: 9-12 Hancock reciting
                Frames: 13-17 Goodwin reciting
                Frames: 19-20 Sites singing