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Accession 1990-54
Academic Affairs
Media Services
Media Production

Series: Production Projects for Campus Television

SubSeries: The Evergreen Hour

Produced by Judith Espinola


  1. Odetta. Recorded performance during her sojourn as Visiting Faculty at The Evergreen State College.
  2. The Social Protest Movement in the Pacific Northwest
    1. Anna Louise Strong: Dramatization of her life in Seattle, 1915-1920
    2. Interview of WOBBLY Jack Miller, last survivor of the Everett Massacre with Professor Thomas B. Rainey
  3. Interviews with Evergreen faculty film makers Sally Cloninger and Doris Loesser (with examples of their work)
  4. Logging in Washington
    1. MetroCenter YMCA. Voices of Washington State: Old-Time Logging in Southwestern Washington. MetroCenter YMCA 1979
    2. Gustafson, Charles. Cuts. A Facets Production 1979
  5. We Never Forget (Southeast Asian refugees and the problem of acculturation. Includes demonstrations by Professor Dwight Conquergood of Northwestern University)
  6. Beacon Hill Boys. Film by Evergreen Students
    1. "God's Trombones"
    2. Hoffman - Evergreen Photographer
    3. "Shorebirds" with Member of the Faculty Steven G. Herman
    4. Towers Art Project with Member of the Faculty Jean Mandeberg
    5. Douglas Cox. "Blues"
    1. Saltwater People
    2. Won-ldy Paye - story performance
    3. Two Thin Cracks on a Cobblestone Road. (Student theatrical production at The Evergreen State College Experimental Theater)

Series: The Evergreen Magazine (a continuation of the Evergreen Hour in 1/2 hour format)

Produced by Douglas Cox


9. Lily May Ledford (Country folk singer)
Cox, James and DeJarnatt, Steven. Eat the Sun (award winning Mockumentary on Religious Cults)
10. Totem Pole (documentary on the carving of a totem pole)
Creation File
Nine Hispanic Artists
12. Levine - Evergreen Photographer
Mark Papworth, Member of the Faculty (his role as pathologist in criminal investigations)
13. Heartsparkle Players
Lily Mae Leadfoot
14. The Jeffers Collection (commercial photographer in the Olympia area at the end of the 19th beginning of the 20th century)
Won-Ldy Paye
15. Nappy Edges. (Theatrical Interpretation) 30 minute


17. Griot's Song 28:03

18. Long, Burke. Shadow of the Forest. (Describes stagnation of the forest products industry in Mason County, Washington). Conceived and produced by Evergreen Student Burke Long while undergoing re-training as former employee of the Simpson Timber Company.

Ahmed, Keeno, RSCS 1993: Source Tapes 1 & 2 "Neptune" - used in one of the Evergreen Hour editions.