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TESCWH-01 Disk 1 Track 1

Women Back When in Kittitas County
(produced for Ellensburg Public Library)

TESCWH-02A Disk 1 Track 2 Take it to the People: "To Dam the People's Cathedrals"
TESCWH-02B   Al Page interviews Vim Wright and Dee Boersma
TESCWH-03A   Take it to the People: "With One Spirit Law"
TESCWH-03B   Al Page interviews Russell Barsh and Randy Scott
TESCWH-04A   Take it to the People: "Who Would Be Free"
TESCWH-04B Disk 2 Track 1 Al Page Interview with Stephanie Coontz and Tom Dixon
TESCWH-05 Disk 2 Track 2 Take it to the People: "Give them an Inch" or "Women and Equality"
TESCWH-06   Bring Her Back Alive: Woman, a Marriage Partner
TESCWH-07 Disk 5, Track 7

Bring Her Back Alive: A Public Influence.

  1. Pathbreaking Abigail Duniway 1915;
  2. The Condition of Woman- Sarah Grimke;
  3. Seneca Falls Declaration;
  4. Extemporaneous Speech – Sojourner Truth 1862;
  5. Extemporaneous Speech – LucyStone 1865
  6. Revelations of a Woman Lobbyist – Maud Younger [186?];
  7. Why We Oppose Women Riding on Trains – Alice Duer Miller 1915
TESCWH-09 Disk 3 Track 3 Dare to Try:
  1. "Abigail Scott Duniway" -Northwest Women's Right to Vote:
  2. Harriet Williams, Tacoma Women's Activist
TESCWH-10 Disk 3 Track 4

Dare to Try:

  1. Fay Fuller" on Mount Rainier
  2. Joan Fiery interview
TESCWH-11 Disk 3 Track 5

Dare to Try:

  1. "Louisa May Alcott"
  2. Molly Cone interview
TESCWH-12 Disk 4 Track 1 The Marquesas Islands
TESCWH-13 Disk 4 Track 2 Sandra Nisbet Resume
TESCWH-14 Disk 4 Track 3 Patricia Larson Resume
TESCWH-15 Disk 4 Track 5 Bring Her Back Alive : "Woman: A Private Citizen"
TESCWH-16 Disk 4
Track 6
AM Interview: Dallas/Fortworth Television Morning News Show
TESCWH-17 Disk 4
Track 7
University of Idaho television broadcast (partial broadcast of Give 'em an Inch)