2010-11 Catalog

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Fall 2010 - Spring 2011 Catalog

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Current Year's Academic Catalog: Fall 2009 - Spring 2010

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Planning Units and Thematic Planning Groups

Evergreen's programs are organized within planning units; groups of faculty with similar interests who offer topical groupings of academic offerings. Some programs will be listed in more than one planning unit. As you plan your educational pathway, you may decide to work for a number of quarters within one planning unit, or you may move from area to area to broaden your education. Either pattern may be appropriate, depending on your academic goals.

  • Programs for Freshmen includes core programs, all-level programs and some programs designed for sophomores and above.
  • Culture, Text and Language includes, among other disciplines, studies in general humanities, literature, languages,  philosophy and history.
  • Environmental Studies examines the natural world and how human societies interact with it through a range of disciplines including community studies, environmental sciences, ecology, political science, and agriculture.
  • Expressive Arts includes the visual, performing, and media arts which cover performance, printmaking, sculpture and film, among other disciplines.
  • Native American and World Indigenous Peoples' Studies introduces students to studies in history, anthropology, political science, economics and related disciplines.
  • Scientific Inquiry focuses primarily on the laboratory sciences, which includes chemistry, biology, physics and mathematics, among others.
  • Society, Politics, Behavior and Change offers, with other disciplines, sociology, psychology, anthropology, economics and political science.
  • Tacoma Program offered in Tacoma, Washington.
  • 8-12 Credit Programs includes programs offered through Evening and Weekend Studies.

how to read a program description imageHow to read a program description (PDF)

Because Evergreen's curriculum is so distinct, the college describes its academic offerings in unusual detail. This document is a sample of a typical program description with annotations that will help you interpret all the information in a program description. 

Additional Offerings

Evergreen has a variety of academic and non-academic offerings not part of the fulltime catalog.