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Marine Mammal Ecology in the Pacific Northwest

Winter 2012 quarter

John Calambokidis marine mammal biology

We will examine the ecology and natural history of marine mammals (seals, sea lions, porpoises, dolphins, and whales) in the Pacific Northwest and especially the Salish Sea (including Puget Sound). The class will have a focus on current and recent research findings as well as well as on management and conflicts with human activities. Students will also conduct more detailed research on a specific topic that will be chosen working with the faculty and will prepare a research paper summarizing their findings as well as make a presentation to the class at the end of the course. Course will include at least one field trip and labs including a trip to a harbor seal haul out area and a marine mammal necropsy to allow direct exposure to marine mammals in the wild and research techniques. Lectures will be conducted during evening classes but at least one field trip will involve a half day additional session conducted during the week.


Marine Mammal Research: Conservation beyond crisis. Timothy J. Ragen et al. 2005. John Hopkins Press ISBN: 0801882559

Marine Mammals: Evolutionary Biology by Annalisa Berta, James L. Sumich, and Kit M. Kovacs. 2nd Edition, 2006. Academic Press. ISBN: 978-01208855


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