2011-12 Catalog

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MES Thesis

Winter 2012 and Spring 2012 quarters

Various MES Faculty

To complete their degree, MES students are required to complete a 16 credit thesis,* the prospectus for which is finished in the Fall quarter during Case Studies. At the end of Case Studies, and prior to Winter quarter, students are assigned a faculty mentor, or "reader."  Each reader is assigned a CRN (course reference number) for Winter and Spring quarters, and students will be notified of their reader's CRN by email from the MES office prior to registration.  Students will register for thesis credits both quarters - eight each quarter. In addition to the thesis, students are required to attend a bi-weekly thesis workshop, which is usually offered every other Tuesday evening throughout the Winter and Spring quarters.  Students will be notified of exact details during Winter quarter.

*This requirement applies to all students who started MES in Fall 2011 or later.  If you started in a prior year, please see your MES student handbook for your specific requirements.

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