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Advanced Research Methods

Winter 2012 quarter

T. Steven Marshall

Advanced Research Methods (2011)

This class is a required course for the MPA Public Policy concentration and an elective for all others. To enroll students must have completed 1st year Core and be enrolled in or have completed 2nd year Core.

Whether you subscribe to the view that there are lies, damned lies, and statistics or not, statistics will almost certainly (invade or) influence your life.  The focus of Advanced Research Methods is on learning useful analysis techniques (both in SPSS and Excel) to support meaningful research and effective decision making.  We will learn what questions to ask regarding data, how to perform statistical analyses, how to read and interpret statistical findings, and how to communicate research results.    

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Feb 17-19, Mar 2-4, 5-9p Fri, 9a-5p Sat/Sun
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