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Analytical Techniques I

Fall 2011 quarter

Cheryl Simrell King public administration , Heather Moss , Marc Baldwin
Analytical Techniques for Public Service is a two-quarter course sequence for second year MPA students. Each quarter focuses on approaches to applied research in public administration, public policy and non-profits with an emphasis on issues relevant to governments. In the Fall, the following questions frame the work: 1) What are the modes of inquiry that have framed and are framing the field of public administration?  2) What is involved in producing the inputs, outputs, and outcomes for data analysis? 3) How do we turn data into information and information into decisions? 4) How are analytical techniques practiced in everyday public service? Our intent is to gain a better understanding of how to approach, critique, use, analyze, and communicate research in public service.
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6-10p Thur, 9a-5p Sat (Oct 15)
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