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Analytical Techniques I for Tribal Governance

Fall 2011 quarter

John Gates federal Indian law, international indigenous human rights , Cheryl Simrell King public administration

Our goal is to practice research design and analysis. We will apply multiple ways of knowing by using both quantitative and qualitative methodologies. Our intent is to gain a better understanding of how to approach, critique, use, analyze, and communicate research in tribal governance and administration. In the Fall, we will respond to the following questions:

1) How can we re-frame our approaches to research to serve in the contexts of tribal governance and administration?  2) What is involved in a culturally relevant approach to reading research? 3) How can we understand the relationships between data, information, and decisions? 4) How are analytical techniques practiced in tribal governance and administration? 5) What is the nexus of traditional knowledge, western paradigms, and quantitative/qualitative methodologies?

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1-5p Fri, 8:30a-5p Sat/Sun, Sept 30-Oct 2, Oct 14-16, Nov 4-6
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