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Health Policy

Spring 2012 quarter

Victor Colman

The study of health policy can take many forms.  There are some standard topic areas in this broad arena, including medical cost, access and quality.  However, a sole focus on these areas only provides a two-dimensional (and a very medical model) view of this dynamic policy topic.  The world of public health (which concerns itself with the health of the community as a whole) necessarily includes policy-based approaches to creating and assuring conditions that can positively impact individual health status.  This upstream focus on public health remains an unrealized (or at least underutilized) goal in health care reform debates.

This course examines the health policy world from the perspective of public health prevention, specifically in the arena of building healthier communities.  Specific policy subjects include the “eating better” side (food systems, nutrition standards in child care, schools & workplaces, food/beverage industry marketing practices and taxes); as well as the “moving more” side (supporting greater physical activity via school, workplace, transportation, parks & recreation, and land use policy).  Using readings, research, writing, case studies, the development of specific policy ideas (to be aired in mock legislative hearings), and monitoring of relevant public health policy hearings during recent local and state policy processes, students will enhance their analytical and communication skills as they develop a deeper understanding of public policy as it relates to population health and ultimate changes in individual health status.


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