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Advanced Recording and Production I, II


Fall 2011 and Winter 2012 quarters

Robert Schwenkler Audio Production Technology
Fields of Study
media arts and music
Audio Recording I, II, and III or equivalent

This continuing course is designed to support students who are interested in recording music for various media and contexts.  Making use of the college's 16-track recording facility, students will be taken on a path through contemporary practice in studio recording.  Studio technology and artistry, song and mix composition, and fundamentals of audio electronics will all be covered.  There will be a focus on both magnetic tape and analog mixing as well as computer-based digital recording and mixing.  Processing fundamentals such as equalization, compression, and reverb will be treated alongside an overview of the many other signal processing options available in the modern recording studio.  Audio electronics will be covered as it relates to general studio signal flow, troubleshooting, and DIY equipment construction.

Time will be spent in the studios creating recorded pieces including pieces for the annual Evergreen Student Album project.  Critical listening activities will accompany this process, using student work as well as work from outside sources.  Both the techniques and the artistry of recording, mixing, and song composition will be examined and developed via the process of creation, analysis, and discussion.  Work in the digital realm will focus on use of Pro Tools software and plugin effects while analog work will be based around the college’s 24-channel mixing console, 16-track tape machine, and a variety of outboard processing equipment.

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6-10p Thu
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No Required Online Learning
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$50 to $100 for recording media
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