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African Language: Pulaar (Fulani/Peul)

Summer 2012 quarter

Amadou Ba
Fields of Study
language studies
This class is an introduction to the Pulaar language spoken in northern Senegal. The class will focus on both language and the Fulbe tradition and culture. Students will learn greetings, introductions, family relationship, and the expressions for basic needs, as well as how to get by linguistically and culturally in cultural situations. Students will study standard Pulaar grammar, vocabulary, and spelling. Pulaar is a language of West Africa spoken by the Fulbe people of Senegal, Guinea, Mali, Niger, Nigeria, Cameroon, and Chad. Pulaar is one of the most widely spread languages in Africa. This class is appropriate for students who are interested in studying linguistics, learning a new language, and traveling to West Africa.
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6-9p Tue/Wed, 6-8p Thu (Jul. 31 - Aug. 29)
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