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Art of Mosaic


Fall 2011 quarter

Ann Storey art history
Fields of Study
art history, history and visual arts
Preparatory for studies or careers in
visual arts, art history, museum studies, education, design
This interdisciplinary class will explore the art and art history of mosaics.  An ancient art that combines practicality with beauty, the mosaic medium is currently having a renaissance as contemporary artists explore its use in architectural design and outdoor sites.  In studying the history of mosaic, we will concentrate on three eras when the medium flourished: the Classical and Byzantine periods, the Arts and Crafts Movement and Art Nouveau era, and the contemporary art period.  Students will be guided in a process for making both two-dimensional and three-dimensional mosaic artworks.  They will also have writing projects, research assignments, and workshops to help them to write and talk about art more analytically.  Art project ideas will grow out of studying the history of mosaics.  Critique/analysis sessions will emphasize using design principles to make more compelling artworks.
Advertised Schedule
6-9:30p Tue/Thu
Online Learning
No Required Online Learning
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Special Expenses
approximately $50 for mosaic supplies and equipment
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