2011-12 Catalog

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Brain and Mind: East-West Insights

Spring 2012 quarter

Cindy Beck , Jamyang Tsultrim Indo-Tibetan Buddist studies/practices philosophy, psychology, epistemology, logic and ethics, integrated East-West psychology mindfulness, and insightful compassion, philosophy of mind/consciousness
Fields of Study
consciousness studies, philosophy, physiology and psychology

Interest in Eastern philosophy and the influence of contemplative practice on the body has been growing over the past few decades.  This class will explore Eastern models of the theory of knowledge, particularly traditional epistemological models of cognition based on Indo-Tibetan studies.  Class material will look at the effect these practices have on neurological function by studying neuroanatomy, brain plasticity, and the connections between sensory input and our emotions, thoughts, and actions.  Students will learn to analyze constructive emotions and thoughts and their influence on mental stability.  Students will also learn methodologies for influencing and improving mental development and function.  Hands-on workshops, readings, and discussions will emphasize class concepts and help students learn to integrate Western science and Eastern philosophy.

Advertised Schedule
9a-5p on five Saturdays (April 7, 21, May 5, 19, June 2)
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