2011-12 Catalog

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Offering Description

Business, Finance and Statistics, Oh My!

Spring 2012 quarter

Glenn Landram management science, statistics , David Shaw international business, economics
Fields of Study
business and management and government
Preparatory for studies or careers in
social science, business, management, and public administration.
High school algebra

This program focuses on contemporary business issues, as well as introductions to personal finance and managerial finance. It also includes basic undergraduate statistics, which will serve as a foundation for further work in advanced social sciences in any graduate program (e.g., an MBA or MPA) requiring statistics. But fear not; this material is not only useful and practical but also learnable.

The program will provide the quantitative basics for the conduct and understanding of business domestically and abroad, as well as examine the tension faced by smaller businesses caught between the forces of globalization on the one hand and a desire for greater localism on the other. There will be workshops, lectures, films, guest speakers and student led sessions. Readings such as the Wall Street Journal ; the Economist ; Good Strategy, Bad Strategy ; SuperFreakonomics ; The Millionaire Next Door and All Business Is Local will focus on increasing student familiarity with current business topics, and developing the skills to organize and analyze business and economic data. Strategies for effectively presenting quantitative information will also be emphasized.

Students will compete in an advanced business simulation in teams. The simulation will require substantial student research, including analysis of quantitative and qualitative data. Students will emerge from the simulation with improved teamwork skills, as well as a greater understanding of financial statement analysis, competitive strategy, marketing, operations, and business economics.

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Lecture Hall and Workshop rooms for all but our weekly seminar time.
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