2011-12 Catalog

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Offering Description

Ceramics: Global Traditions, Contemporary Practice

Summer 2012 quarter

Aisha Harrison
Fields of Study
visual arts

In Ceramics: Global Traditions, Contemporary Practice , students will study global ceramic traditions, look at artists whose work is in dialogue with tradition, and create a series of pieces drawing from traditional forms or ideas.  An intensive studio practice will incorporate traditional methods, hand-building, throwing, and surface decoration, and will also explore how these methods are affected by cultural ideas.  Students will discuss readings and complete a research paper focused on issues surrounding the use of traditional forms and ideas in contemporary art.

Advertised Schedule
5-9p Tue, 6-8p Wed, 5-9p Thu for 8 weeks (Jun. 26 - Aug. 16)
Online Learning
No Required Online Learning
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Required Fees
$20 studio fee
Special Expenses
Students will purchase clay by the 25 lb bag at $8.50 per bag. Students should expect to purchase between 200-300 lbs of clay ($68-$102) depending on student-driven projects.
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