2011-12 Catalog

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Offering Description

Communication and Power in Education


Spring 2012 quarter

Lester Krupp education, writing , Lori Blewett communication, social studies
Fields of Study
communications and education
Preparatory for studies or careers in
Education, communication, conflict studies

This program will explore the role of power and authority in learning both inside and outside the classroom. We will look closely at the enactment of authority with particular attention to how communication and conflict patterns affect the experiences of children, teachers, parents, and administrators. How do individual persona and institutionalized identity intersect with systems of discipline and authority? How do communication practices shape power dynamics and influence learning? How can educators create collaborative learning environments in competitive contexts? How are classroom interactions linked to social relationships and expectations of society as a whole?

Drawing upon published sources, students’ past educational experiences, and an examination of ongoing interactions and systemic challenges, students will investigate classroom practices that deepen interpersonal connections, define authority in developmentally healthy ways, and contribute to the formation of community.

For a portion of the program, students will choose between three curricular options. One option will allow students to earn credits that may meet requirements for certain Washington State teaching endorsements. Students who choose this option will earn credits in one of the following areas: children’s literature, adolescent literature, multicultural literature, language skills/structure, civics, or Pacific Northwest History. (Please note that only those subjects with a minimum level of student interest will be offered.) As an alternative option, students can participate in a supervised group research project related to core themes of the program. The third option will be a field placement working in a local school.  Each option will constitute a four-credit portion of the work for the program.

This program will serve the needs of any student who is preparing for a career in education, as well as any student interested in thinking about communication and power in relation to learning.

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6-10p Wed, 9a-5p Sat
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No Required Online Learning
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$15 for digital recording media
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Evening and Weekend

Program Revisions

Date Revision
November 2nd, 2011 Adjusted description to clarify options.