2011-12 Catalog

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Computers and Cognition

Spring 2012 quarter

Ab Van Etten
Fields of Study
computer science and consciousness studies
Students should be familiar with computers. We will instruct in the Windows/IE environment. It is highly encouraged that you have a home computer with internet access. We will conduct help sessions online, and we will include online instruction and web support. While you can use the school’s computers, you will find it more convenient to have your own computer.
What types of problems can be solved by computers? How do humans and computers differ in the types of problems they can solve? What is the future of computing, and will computers evolve an intelligence that includes what we would define as human thought? Can computers learn or create on their own? This program will explore the basics of computer science, how computers work, and their possibilities and limits. The program will include basic programming in Javascript, Web development, introductory computer electronics, and other computer science topics. We will contrast this with human cognition. We will then look at how computers will likely affect the way we live, work, and relate in the future.  In seminar we will explore the issues surrounding machine vs human consciousness and strong artificial intelligence.
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6-10p Tue/Thu
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