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Creating Dance


Winter 2012 quarter

Robert Esposito dance, kinesiology
Fields of Study
aesthetics and dance
Preparatory for studies or careers in
dance and theatre.
Prior dance experience at the beginner/intermediate level is required.

The central focus of this program is modern dance as a medium to explore the creative process. Students learn methods of conceiving and shaping original choreography. Studio workshops explore sensory, emotive, cognitive, and movement experience as motivations for kinetic design. The syllabus includes daily technique class, improvisation, weekly solo and group composition assignments, rehearsals and, text and media seminars. This program involves rigorous physical practice, intellectual engagement, reading, writing, and oral seminar. The syllabus integrates modern dance and several epistemological fields, including human development, somatic therapy, sociology, art history, and poetry.

Progressively designed classes in the Nikolais/Louis technique support an active exploration of the theories of choreography. Each weekly premise builds upon preceding lessons. Full participation and consistent attendance is essential. Rigorous practice and kinesiological analysis become the theoretical ground for creative articulations of performance space, time, shape, and motion. In composition classes, students are encouraged to find and develop their own central movement patterns while exploring new creative pathways. Seminars are supported by multimedia work, including movement, drawing, poetry, and music. In seminar we engage each other in multifaceted analysis, situating texts, objects, and performance works in their historical and sociocultural contexts. The syllabus includes units on injury prevention, diet, conditioning, and somatic therapy.

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$50 for a field trip.
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