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Do It For Free: Why and and How We Volunteer


Summer 2012 quarter

Marla Elliott performance, voice, community studies
Fields of Study
American studies, community studies and cultural studies
Preparatory for studies or careers in
social service, community service, nonprofit administration

The work you don’t get paid for can be the most rewarding. What does it mean to volunteer, and how do volunteers function in society? How do communities support and benefit from volunteers? Students in this class will study theories and history of volunteerism, work as volunteers, and synthesize theory and practice in a final paper that combines research and reflection.

Learning activities will include seminar, essay writing, journal writing, guest speakers, and workshops.  Each student will find a volunteer job of their choice, complete 12 to 20 hours of unpaid work, and keep detailed qualitative and quantitative records of their volunteer experience. 

This class will hold several joint class meetings with Power, Privilege and the Common Good, taught by Suzanne Simons.  Students enrolled in both classes will have an especially rich learning experience as well as completing about 60 hours of community-based internships or volunteer work.

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1-5p Tue plus two Thursday afternoons (1-5p Jul. 19, Aug. 23)
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Program Revisions

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June 12th, 2012 Cancelled: This program has been cancelled due to low enrollment.