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Summer 2012 quarter

Susan Cummings
Fields of Study
Preparatory for studies or careers in
psychology, social work, counseling

Mind and nature are inseparable. The natural world is not outside of us or separate from us, but it is us. Ecopsychology is an exciting emerging perspective that explores the connection between psychological and ecological health. Many of our psychological ills and our addictions are directly related to our lack of awareness and our perceived disconnection from our natural origins. The very destruction of our habitat is an expression of this lack of connection to the ground of our being. There are many emerging approaches to deal with this, such as the greening of playgrounds, nature-based therapy, architecture that aims to connect us with a healthy habitat, and the exploration of our assumptions.

We will explore the historical and cultural influences underlying and leading up to this perceived separation from nature, cultural differences in perspectives, assumptions in psychology, the connections between pathology and this perceived separateness from nature, and the role of connectedness with nature in child development.

Students will review the literature, engage in experiential activities and projects, and brainstorm solutions.

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6-10p Mon (Jul. 30 - Aug. 27)
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