2011-12 Catalog

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Education, Empowerment and Critical Pedagogy

Summer 2012 quarter

Leslie Flemmer teacher education, critical pedagogy
Fields of Study

This course introduces students to the theory and the practice of critical pedagogy, an approach to teaching and learning that moves instruction beyond the transmission of content. Critical pedagogy promotes the practice of freedom, collaboration, justice, and community. In this course, students will investigate theoretical perspectives around alternative, critical, and radical education through the writings of Paulo Freire, bell hooks, Henry Giroux, and Joan Wink. We will connect theoretical explorations with practical teaching applications from grades K-12. The course will operate as a learning community with all members embracing the role of both the teacher and learner. This class will include workshops, in-class teaching practices, research, and small-group work as well as critiques and presentations of the readings.

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9a-1p Tue/Thu (Jul. 31 - Aug. 30)
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