2011-12 Catalog

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Europe Since 1500

Summer 2012 quarter

Stacey Davis European history
Fields of Study
Preparatory for studies or careers in
history, European studies, subject-area endorsements for MIT, philosophy, religious studies, politics

This class surveys the social, cultural, political, intellectual, and religious history of Europe since 1500, including the Reformation, the Dutch Republic,18th-century Enlightenment and absolutism, the French Revolution, 19th-century imperialism and industrialization, the Russian Revolution, the two World Wars, and decolonization. Social, gender, and intellectual topics will be stressed. Credit possible in European history or world cultures/geography. Students enrolled for 6 credits will write several short essays; students taking 8 credits will complete a library research project. This is a companion class to "Art Since 1500."

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1-5p Mon/Wed (Jul. 30 - Aug. 29)
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