2011-12 Catalog

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Offering Description

Experience Japan

Summer 2012 quarter

Tomoko Hirai Ulmer
Fields of Study
cultural studies
Preparatory for studies or careers in
Japanese language, culture, and society

The Experience Japan program is an intensive, in-country introduction to the language, culture, and society of contemporary Japan. During the three-week program, students will take Japanese language classes and will attend lectures on Japanese culture and society at the Department of Comparative Cultural Studies at Tamagawa University in Tokyo. The coursework also includes field trips to sites selected for their historic, cultural, or contemporary importance. Participants live with Japanese families for the length of the program. Admission is open to all Evergreen students regardless of language ability.

Interested students must contact faculty via email (ulmert[at]evergreen.edu) and pay a deposit by April 20, 2012. Explanatory meetings will be held on Monday, April 9 (1:00-3:00) and Thursday, April 12 (3:00-5:00) at SEMII B3123.

Online Learning
No Required Online Learning
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Required Fees
$3,700 (estimated cost) for airfare, host family, class fees, and field trips
Study Abroad
Three weeks of study in Japan beginning on or about June 20. Students must pay a non-refundable deposit of $150 by April 20, 2012, to reserve a space.
Offered During
Day, Evening and Weekend