2011-12 Catalog

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Gender, Race, and Consumerism in U.S. History


Summer 2012 quarter

Kristina Ackley Native American studies
Fields of Study
Native American studies, gender and women's studies and media studies

This course will examine the ways that images and ideas are disseminated through American mass media. Particularly focusing on the late nineteenth and twentieth century, we will trace the ways the newly emergent national culture drew on dominant ideas about gender and race to shape social, political, and economic relationships. We will consider the ways people actively contest the commodification of the Other. Throughout, we will be tracing the ways gender and race hierarchies intertwine with sexual regimes to form a society with shared, though contested, rules and understandings.

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1-4p Tue/Thu (Jul. 31 - Aug. 30) plus two hours of online work in lieu of class
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Program Revisions

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July 20th, 2012 This offering has been cancelled due to low enrollment.