2011-12 Catalog

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General Chemistry II with Laboratory

Summer 2012 quarter

Lydia McKinstry organic chemistry
Fields of Study
Preparatory for studies or careers in
chemistry, biology, geology, environmental science, health-related fields 
Successful completeion of the first half of a year-long college level course in general chemistry or the equivalent.

This course is designed to offer the equivalent of the second half of a year-long course in general chemistry. The topics to be presented will include thermochemistry, properties and physical changes of matter, solution chemistry, kinetics, thermodynamics, chemical equilibrium, acid-base chemistry, and aqueous equilibria. Additional topics in electrochemistry, nuclear chemistry, and coordination chemistry may be presented if time permits. Course activities will include lectures, small-group problem-solving workshops, and laboratories. Laboratory work will build upon the skills learned in General Chemistry I, and provide hands-on experience with additional methods relevant to the topics presented in lecture.

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9a-1p Tue/Wed, 9a-5p Thu
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Required Fees
$20 lab fee plus $25 for chemistry lab supplies
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