2011-12 Catalog

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Individual Study: Coastal Geology


Winter 2012 quarter

Christopher Coughenour sedimentology, geophysics
Fields of Study
environmental studies, field studies, geography, geology and marine science
Preparatory for studies or careers in
geology, estuarine science, environmental science, oceanography

Coasts are among the most dynamic geological regimes on our planet.  A wide array of physical and biological processes shape the interface where seas meet continents.  In this contract offering, students will have the opportunity to explore several of the important physical processes of their choosing that are responsible for phenomena such as gravity waves, tides, estuarine circulation, sediment kinematics and dynamics, and the role of antecedent geology in shaping marginal marine systems.  The ultimate goal of the contract is to provide familiarity with the vocabulary and methods of the science and to foster an understanding of some of the fundamental processes that define coasts around the Pacific Northwest and the world.  This work may also incorporate a field research component, upon discussion with faculty.

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Upper Division Science Credit
Students seeking to earn upper division credit must contact the faculty to discuss options prior to the start of the quarter.
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