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Spring 2012 quarter

EJ Zita physics, mathematics, astrophysics , Mark Harrison theatre, opera, film, performance studies
Fields of Study
literature, media arts, moving image, philosophy of science, physics and theater
Preparatory for studies or careers in
physics, performing and visual arts, teaching, sciences, and philosophy of science.
There is no prerequisite in physics. Basic algebra recommended. Students should have good reading skills and decent writing skills. Students must be willing to work in teams and to use computers for online assignments and information.

What motivates and facilitates creativity, discovery, and invention, in arts and in sciences? To what extent do scientists and artists work within traditional practices or bodies of knowledge, and how do they move beyond and expand standard models or forms to achieve true innovation?

What are the roles of community, genius, luck, plain hard work, and being in the right place in the right time in history? Are certain resources prerequisite, or is creativity truly democratic? Can any patterns be discerned in revolutions in science? In art? What qualifies as a revolution or innovation? We will explore questions such as these by reading (and sometimes staging) plays, fiction, philosophy, and nonfiction about arts and sciences. We will learn about the advent and development of the moving image. Students may, individually or in teams, explore and present special cases of particular interest to them, as research projects. Students will write short, thoughtful essays and responses to peers’ essays. We will learn some classical and modern physics (from dynamics to quantum mechanics and/or cosmology) using mostly conceptual methods.

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$20 for theater performance tickets.
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April 1st, 2011 New program added.