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In Our Image: Printmaking


Spring 2012 quarter

Lisa Sweet printmaking, ceramics, drawing
Fields of Study
art history, religious studies and visual arts
Preparatory for studies or careers in
visual art, art history, and visual studies.
Since this program focuses on exploring the relationship between images and medieval Christian religious practice, students who have prior academic experience with religious studies, early Christian studies, or medieval art history, but no prior artistic experience are most welcome--the studio part of the curriculum will assume no prior experience in art, and drawing skills are not necessary. However, students primarily intererested in the visual arts, but lacking prior academic experence with religious or Christian studies or medieval art history are not advised to enroll in the program.

This program continues work from In Our Image fall and winter. This quarter we will examine the production and function of printed images in early modern Christian religious culture through readings, seminars, and developing skills with basic woodcut printmaking techniques.  Linking theory to our artistic practice, we’ll address issues including, iconoclasm, the relationship between text and images in religious practice,  image makers’ roles as translators and interpreters of scripture and religious tradition, the human desire for and anxiety about religious imagery, and we’ll explore the paradox of visually depicting that which is invisible and inexpressible.  Students should expect to spend about 70% of their time working in the printmaking studio on assignments, and 30% of their time studying assigned texts. The program will include a significant writing component synthesizing and integrating ideas covered in In Our Image .

Because this program is a continuation of the fall and winter themes addressed in In Our Image , students previously enrolled in the program will have priority to enroll in the printmaking intensive .  New students are welcome, but should have some existing familiarity with academic studies of Christian theology, history and/or medieval art appreciation in order to thrive in the program. 

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Required Fees
$30 for printmaking and studio fees.
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February 13th, 2012 New offering added.