2011-12 Catalog

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Masquerade and Metaphor

Winter 2012 quarter

Ann Storey art history , Joli Sandoz academic and creative writing, U.S. literature, research methods in the humanities
Fields of Study
art history, gender and women's studies, literature and visual arts
Preparatory for studies or careers in
fine arts, education, writing, history, sociology, museum work

Using masquerade as our primary metaphor, we will take an in-depth, interdisciplinary, and multicultural approach to the study of 20th-century history, art, and literary writing by women. Cultures construct gender expectations, in part through “scripts” of femininity in ways that serve a myriad of purposes; where people identifying as girls and women reject those preconceptions but also act within them, masquerade – the adoption of pretense or disguise – becomes an inevitable part of female lives.

Our work will center on studying women’s creative expression in both art and literature. We will also work with the medium of collage, make masks and use them in performance art pieces, and design and play gender-themed board games in class. The final project will be a research paper and presentation.

Guiding questions: How have people identifying as girls and women expressed, defied, and transformed constructions of femininity through their art and writing? What role does masquerade play not only in women’s survival, but their flourishing? How does women’s resistance help us transform ourselves?

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6-9:30p Tue/Thu
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$35 per quarter for art supplies and museum field trips
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