2011-12 Catalog

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Media Production: Soup to Nuts

Summer 2012 quarter

David Cramton
Fields of Study
media arts and moving image

In 10 weeks, we will learn what it takes to take an idea and turn it into a fully realized, finished, and delivered media production utilizing field and studio techniques.  We will learn scripting, budgeting, scheduling, casting, locating, shooting, editing, and finishing video productions.  In addition to lecture and seminar, we will do hands-on exercises in the field and in the Center for Creative and Applied Media, Evergreen’s state of the art media studio.  We will bring in guest lecturers who are working professionals and experts in their fields to share tips, tricks, and techniques to aid us in the pursuit of storytelling power, and we will take field trips to see how it is done in the big leagues.  The capstone of the program will be when the entire class forms the crew of a short film, entirely written, planned, directed, edited, and finished by students.  The goals of the class are several: 1) to expose the student to the collaborative, team nature of larger scale production, 2) to empower the student with the skills and knowledge to produce their own media productions at a larger scale, and 3) for the student to experience part of the breadth of media production techniques and understand when and how to apply them in their own practice.

Advertised Schedule
4-7p Tue/Wed/Thu plus an intensive shooting schedule at the end of week 7
Online Learning
Enhanced Online Learning
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Required Fees
$60 studio fee plus $140 for field trips, production costs, and guest speakers
Offered During
Day and Evening