2011-12 Catalog

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Neon: Shaping Light (B)

Spring 2012 quarter

Douglas Hitch
Fields of Study
visual arts
This course introduces students to the basic skills in the fabrication of neon. Each student will learn to heat, bend, weld, and anneal glass tubing using a ribbon burner, cannon fire, and tipping torch. Students will learn the bending process for the four basic bends: 90 degree right angle, double back, "U" and "O" loop. Students will learn to blow bubbles in a tube. They will use these techniques to fabricate several creations of their own design. Students will be guided through the processes of bombarding and wiring of their individual projects to safely attach and handle high-voltage transformers to energize their neon. Instruction in the mounting and display of the neon projects concludes the course. Section A is for juniors and seniors. Section B is for freshmen and sophomores.
Advertised Schedule
3:30-5:30p Fri
Online Learning
No Required Online Learning
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Required Fees
$175 covers one electronic transformer, all glass and support materials to develop bending and sealing skills to create one neon sculpture
Special Expenses
Additional transformers may be purchased as needed
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