2011-12 Catalog

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Pacific Northwest History: Multicultural Perspectives

Summer 2012 quarter

Michael Vavrus education, history, political economy
Fields of Study
Preparatory for studies or careers in
history, teaching social studies, multicultural counseling

Pacific Northwest History introduces multicultural aspects of historical developments of this region. A primary learning objective is for students to be able to articulate through concrete historical examples how liberty and justice has been interpreted and applied in the Northwest. With texts that provide accessible historical accounts, students will be exposed to Native American Indian perspectives on the eventual occupation of their lands by European imperialists, the origins and outcomes of competition among Europeans for the Pacific Northwest, and challenges placed on non-European ethnic groups – such as Chinese Americans, African Americans, Mexican Americans, Japanese Americans – during the 19th and 20th centuries. Attention to the experiences of women in making this history is included. The local historical development of Tacoma is used to highlight the role of capitalism in creating governing bodies and class differences among white European Americans who collectively discriminated against the aspirations of people of color.

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12:30-4:30p Tue/Thu (Jun. 26 - Jul. 26)
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