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Performance in Process: Examining Performance as an Opportunity for Personal and Social Change


Spring 2012 quarter

Andrea Gullickson music
Fields of Study
aesthetics, communications, dance, music and theater
Preparatory for studies or careers in
dance, music, theater, and public speaking.

I believe that we learn by practice. Whether it means to learn to dance by practicing dancing or to learn to live by practicing living, the principles are the same.
Martha Graham

What role do performances play for the performer? For the audience?

Performances are often structured as culminating events to an intensive period of study with a primary purpose of offering an opportunity for individuals or groups to publicly demonstrate skills developed and knowledge attained. This program is designed to provide students an opportunity to challenge the notion of performance being solely a public display of skill and knowledge. We will explore the role of performance as part of the learning process. We will consider the many opportunities for personal growth as well as the possibilities for significant social impact that performance opportunities provide.

Performances types to be explored will include speeches, presentations and stage productions of all kinds but our main focus will be on music recitals and concerts. We will examine the process of performance from its preparatory stages to its aftermath, and will address the psychological and physiological components that are present. We will consider the paradoxical role of ego throughout the process, the importance of mastery of craft, the physical and mental stamina demands, and the critical role of intentionality.

We will also examine performance as a powerful tool for social change as well as personal growth. As a central component to our work, students will be asked to regularly consider and deconstruct the social pressures and human tendencies to seek qualities and find measures for the purpose of identifying ourselves or our group as superior to others. We will contrast this perspective with an examination of powerful performances that emphasize connections across perceived boundaries. We will explore how these performances communicated ideas that significantly impacted the direction of social and political movements throughout the 20 th and into the 21 st century.

Our work throughout the quarter will include exploration of a variety of learning theories, skill building workshops, academic/reflective/reflexive writing activities, examination of approaches to physical and mental conditioning, ensemble coaching and performance workshops. Regular performance opportunities throughout the program will give students the opportunity to experience all of this from the inside as we continue to emphasize the value of considering each performance as an important step in the learning process rather than as the end game. Through each of the course activities as well as course readings, students will be offered the opportunity to (further) develop their awareness of the possibilities for personal growth through regular and thoughtful consideration of what connects us as humans.

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$75 for event tickets and performance materials.
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