2011-12 Catalog

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Plant Biology

Summer 2012 quarter

Lalita Calabria botany, phytochemistry, systematics
Fields of Study
biology, botany, field studies and natural history

This course is designed to increase your awareness and appreciation of the biological, cultural, and economic importance of plants. Through this awareness and appreciation of plants you can begin to develop a "Botanical Sense of Place".  We will begin by reflecting on your personal experiences with plants from youth to the present in the form of a creative nonfiction-style essay. These experiences are the foundation of your botanical knowledge, and they will serve as tool for connecting the major concepts we learn in class with your real-life experience of plants. In lectures, we will survey the major groups of the Plant Kingdom including bryophytes, seedless vascular plants, gymnosperms, and angiosperms. We will also draw on contemporary scientific journals articles to help you gain in-depth understanding of certain biological concepts and to apply this understanding to current events. In labs, students will gain hands-on experience studying plants with microscopes as we examine the form and function of plant structures in the context of their evolutionary history. On field trips, students will learn to recognize and identify the common native plants of the Pacific Northwest. 

Advertised Schedule
6-9p Tue/Thu (Jun. 26 - Jul. 26) plus four full-day field trips on Saturdays
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Required Fees
$15 lab fee plus $35 for field trips and lab supplies
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Evening and Weekend