2011-12 Catalog

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Queer Genders; Query and Theory

Summer 2012 quarter

Talcott Broadhead
Fields of Study
cultural studies, gender and women's studies, queer studies and sociology
Preparatory for studies or careers in
social work, social services, counseling, advocacy, health-related services

In this Transgender Studies, trans* and queer-affirmative course we will examine current voices and theories on gender identity and gender difference from queer and transgender perspectives.  We will investigate how gender is defined, interpreted, and distinguished all around us. We will critically explore contemporary theoretical and cultural works and consider how they inform and challenge our understanding of sex, gender, sexuality, and the body. Noticing the tensions as well as convergence between transgender, queer, and feminist perspectives, we will explore how these different communities may engage with each other and build productive alliances.

This course will investigate the legal restrictions, systems of oppression, and administrative violence that informs the systematic disenfranchisement and pathologization of trans* identities.  We will consider voices and movements that promote informed consent access to trans* healthcare, trans*formative justice and radical social transformation.

As most of the theoretical and historical writings that we will explore are by North American authors, we will examine the limitations of these pieces across intersecting identities.  The course will also be informed by film, music, and guest lectures by various trans*, queer, and feminist authors, activists, and allies.  Course discussions may center on representation and self-presentation, silence and voice, transgender/gender non conforming history,  feminist theory,  visibility, invisibility, empowerment, ally-ship, and anti-oppression work. Together we will engage in un-learning the binary and work to define and shift the behaviors that have created a climate of systematic gender injustice.

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2-6p Tue, 3-6p Wed plus one hour per week of online learning in lieu of class
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