2011-12 Catalog

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Roji: Japanese Design I, II

Winter 2012 and Spring 2012 quarters

Daryl Morgan
Fields of Study
visual arts

The Tea House (chashitsu) and the Tea Garden (roji) that surrounds it form a single entity. Modest in size and scale, intentionally simple and rustic, they nonetheless employ abstract concepts of form, space, pattern, harmony, and order in such a way as to create a place which transcends the ordinary world. Students enrolled in this two-quarter course will develop a master plan for such a place, a proposed Japanese Tea Garden and Tea House to be built on the campus of The Evergreen State College. The project will require planning not only for the garden and tea house, but for a number of additional structures including gates, pathways, benches, bridges, and walls/fences typically found in a 17th century Zen garden. Students in the course will directly engage the entire planning, design, and schedule-development process, from initial drafting of a scope statement through site analysis and selection, conceptual garden and structures design, materials analysis and acquisition, function of specifications, construction planning and scheduling, and formal planning approval.

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5:30-9:30p Tue
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No Required Online Learning
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$25 per quarter for materials
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