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Student-Originated Studies: Center for Community-Based Learning and Action


Winter 2012 quarter

Stephanie Kozick human development
Fields of Study
architecture, community studies, cultural studies, education, environmental studies, field studies, health, history, media arts, outdoor leadership and education, psychology, sociology and sustainability studies
Preparatory for studies or careers in
community asset building and development; education; sociology; analysis of community space; family studies; and human development.

This SOS is intended for: individual students who have designed a learning project focused on community development; groups of students interested in working together on a community based project; and students who have an interest in working as an intern in a community agency, organization, or school setting. Interested students should attend the Academic Fair on November 30, 2011 to meet the faculty, Stephanie Kozick and the Director of the Center of Community Based Learning and Action, Ellen Shortt Sanchez. Stephanie Kozick can also be contacted through her e-mail ( kozicks@evergreen.edu ). Project proposal form can be obtained at the Academic Fair, or an electronic copy found at http://blogs.evergreen.edu/kozicks/files/2011/11/SOS-Form.pdf .

Student Originated Studies (S.O.S.): Community Based Learning and Action is a component of Evergreen's Center for Community Based Learning and Action (CCBLA), which supports learning about, engaging with, and contributing to community life in the region. As such, this S.O.S. offers the opportunity for goal oriented, responsible, and self-motivated students to design a project, research study, or community internship or apprenticeship that furthers their understanding of the concept of “community.” The range of academic and community work in the program includes: working with one or several community members to learn about a special line of work or skill that enriches the community as a whole— elders, mentors , artists, teachers, skilled laborers, community organizers all contribute uniquely to the broader community; working in an official capacity as an intern with defined duties at a community agency, organization, or school; or designing a community action plan aimed at problem solving particular community needs. Prior to the beginning of winter quarter, interested students or student groups must have a draft plan in place. Projects will then be further developed with input from the faculty. Students will meet in a weekly seminar setting to share progress reports, discuss the larger context of their projects in terms of community asset building and wellbeing, and discuss readings selected by program students that illuminate the essence of their projects. Small interest groups will meet with the faculty to discuss issues related to their group projects.

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Schedule Details
Weekly whole group seminars Wednesdays 9:00-12:00.  Small iinterest group meetings to be arranged. 
Internship Possibilities
Contact Ellen Shortt Sanchez, Director: Center for Community Based Learning and Action, for information regarding community internship opportunties ( shorttse@evergreen.edu ).
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November 3rd, 2011 New offering added.