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Sustainable Systems Concepts and Applications


Summer 2012 quarter

Scott Morgan
Fields of Study
sustainability studies

Sustainable Systems: Concepts and Applications will provide an introduction to fundamental concepts of systems theory, sustainability, and process tools for improving the sustainability of existing systems. Students will be introduced to theoretical constructs for the description, analysis, and understanding of systems; key concepts and characteristics of sustainable systems; and processes for applying systems theories and sustainability concepts to create change in specific, real-world systems.

Upon successful completion of the class, students will be able to define systems in terms of resource flows, relationships, dependencies, boundaries, and fundamental assumptions; identify non-sustainable dependencies, key relationships, systemic barriers, and leverage points; identify the shape of probable systemic responses to change; and apply process improvement concepts and tools to simple systems.

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1-5p Wed
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Program Revisions

Date Revision
June 20th, 2012 This offering has been cancelled due to low enrollment.