2011-12 Catalog

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Offering Description

Technical Writing in the 21st Century

Fall 2011 quarter

Erik Thuesen biology, marine science
Fields of Study
environmental studies, writing and zoology
Preparatory for studies or careers in
all careers requiring advanced writing skills.

In this program, students will develop techniques for communicating in several different genres of technical writing, including technical abstracts, scientific research papers, technical instructions, etc. Students from all branches of the sciences are encouraged to take this program to improve their technical writing skills. We will use several different on-line collaborative formats to carry out our objectives. Work will be submitted and edited on-line. Each student will choose a specific topic to research and read ten documents related to the topic. Based on these readings and other sources, each student will also write a technical background report. Students will receive critique from peers and the faculty member. Students will be responsible for editing and critiquing a specific number of papers written by other students in the program in order to develop their editing skills. Clear deadlines for reading and writing assignments will be established for all students at the start of the program to make it easier to stay on track.

Credit is expected to be awarded in the specific area of research, technical writing, and technical editing.

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