2011-12 Catalog

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The Biology of Music


Summer 2012 quarter

Martin Beagle biology
Fields of Study
biology, music and physics

The Biology of Music is a multidisciplinary course that explores how biological organisms create music. Students will develop foundational skills and knowledge in biology, physics, and music theory in addition to advancing their musicianship through in-class and private study. Previous experience in playing a musical instrument is beneficial but not required.

Utilizing workshops and laboratory explorations, the course will present basic concepts and principles of biology and physiology while studies in noncalculus-based physics will inform students of the physical principles that influence the biology. Studies in introductory music theory coupled with private study will foster a new level of musical awareness.

Advertised Schedule
9a-3p Mon, 9a-noon Tue, 9a-1p Wed (Jun. 25 - Jul. 25)
Online Learning
No Required Online Learning
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Required Fees
$15 lab fee plus $20 for materials
Special Expenses
 Students will be required to engage in study of a musical instrument with a private instructor. Fees for this activity will vary depending on the instructor.
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Program Revisions

Date Revision
May 14th, 2012 This offering has been cancelled due to unexpected issues.