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The Medieval Book

Summer 2012 quarter

Nancy Bishop western art history
Fields of Study
art history, history and visual arts

The focus of this course is the medieval manuscript and its relationship to medieval culture. Using a broadly chronological framework, we will examine different types of books produced in Europe in the Middle Ages, from Gospel books to secular romances. This study will include the text, decoration, context, and the physical book itself including some paleography and/or calligraphy. A basic understanding of history and art would be sufficient preparation. Knowledge of Latin would be helpful but is not required.

Readings from reserve materials will be assigned, and it is expected that students will come to class prepared. Attendance, class participation, and mastery of concepts and vocabulary will be the basis for student evaluation.

Course Goals:

  • to see, distinguish, and speak/write articulately about medieval manuscripts as artistic works and as written texts
  • to become acquainted with several genres of medieval books and their cultural context and use
  • to learn about the materials used in producing medieval books and the roles of such persons as authors, writers, owners, commissioners, and artists in the creation of such books
Advertised Schedule
5:30-9:30p Mon/Wed (Jul. 30 - Aug. 29)
Online Learning
No Required Online Learning
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$10 for art supplies
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