2011-12 Catalog

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Undergraduate Research: Herbarium Studies of Fungi, Lichen and Bryophytes


Summer 2012 quarter

Lalita Calabria botany, phytochemistry, systematics
Fields of Study
botany and natural history

In this course students will organize into research groups based on interest in either fungi, lichen, or bryophytes and design herbarium-based research projects on these taxa. The instructor will provide guidance with using technical key for identifying unknown fungi and lichen and/bryophytes as well as collection and curation methods. In addition, students will choose from a list of topics relating to taxonomy, ecology, and biology of these taxa for the instructor to lecture on throughout the quarter. Students will spend time in the field and laboratory discussing diagnostic characters of these groups and will learn how to sight recognize common species to our region.  A field trip to the UW herbarium and botanical gardens will give students an opportunity to visit a larger regional herbarium and see unusual and rare taxa of fungi, lichens, and bryophytes.

Advertised Schedule
First meeting: 4-5:30p Tue, Jun. 26.  Meeting times for the rest of the summer will be determined by class consensus and may be project-specific.
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Required Fees
$10 for lab supplies
Offered During
Day and Weekend

Program Revisions

Date Revision
May 15th, 2012 Changed time for first meeting.