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What Is Education For?


Fall 2011 and Winter 2012 quarters

Lester Krupp education, writing , Steve Cifka (W) , Sonja Wiedenhaupt (F) social and personality psychology
Fields of Study
education and psychology
Preparatory for studies or careers in
education and psychology.

With public education increasingly under attack, it is imperative that we persistently ask: What is education for? What qualities and abilities does a just society need in its citizens? In this program we will focus on several dimensions of K-12 education in today's society. We will consider questions such as: What makes an effective teacher? In what ways should curriculum be structured to serve learning, development, and citizenship? How effective are current policies in education such as No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top?

To help inform these questions, we will study how people learn from cognitive, neuropsychological, interpersonal, and socio-cultural perspectives. We will explore ways in which school structures and teaching practices can facilitate or impede learning. We will also study theories of cognitive, moral, and social development because of their power to illuminate our histories as students and teachers, and for their value in understanding the practice of teaching and the process of becoming a teacher.

To critically engage with academic perspectives, we will both write reflectively about our individual past and present learning experiences, and analyze children's and adolescent literature.  We will also work directly with younger students (pre-K through high school) in order to learn about ourselves as teachers and to apply concepts to understand another's learning and development.  Our work will involve critical reading of texts, writing, visual representation, public presentation, collaborative group work, as well as any other practices that we discover are necessary to support our learning. 

This all-level program will support both first-year students and advanced students with an interest in broader issues of child and adolescent development and education, and will be particularly useful for anyone considering education or psychology as a profession. It will also be a useful program for those who are wondering about how to nurture and maximize their learning as students.

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