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Wisdom of the Body


Spring 2012 quarter

Cynthia Kennedy leadership
Fields of Study
business and management, consciousness studies, dance, psychology and somatic studies
Preparatory for studies or careers in
leadership positions, education, movement and expressive arts.

The body, a vital component in teaching and learning, has often been neglected in higher education. A possible reason for this neglect lies in the enduring influence of the writings of Rene Descartes who, in the 17th century, wrote "I think therefore I am." He stated that each of us has a mental realm within us that is separate from the sensual nature of the body. This separate realm of the mind was seen as "higher" than the faculties of the body.

This way of thinking influences much of education today, as the intellect is seen as the location of rational thought, and therefore, more reliable than the body and its emotions. There is much evidence, however, that Descartes was wrong. This program is devoted to exploring the marriage between the mind and body with an emphasis on the body. We will investigate the central role of the body in many aspects of our lives including decision-making and leadership, creativity, emotional intelligence, health and self-image. Our guiding question will be, "What is the role the body plays in our development as whole human beings?"

The approach to answering this question is enjoyable! Students will have an opportunity to learn in many ways using many modalities and multiple intelligences. We will integrate somatic (body-based) learning practices into our study including weekly yoga and dance workshops (no prior experience necessary). Our inquiry will ask us all to attune ourselves to the wisdom that is available and present in our own body awareness. We will participate in community readings, rigorous writing assignments, and critical study of important texts. In addition to the core work for everyone in the program, students will also design their own learning experiences. These can include field studies, research papers, or exploration of body-based practices.

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$95 for field trips and art supplies.
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February 16th, 2012 changed ISM as per 2/15/12 email from CK.