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Writer's Workshop

Spring 2012 quarter

Nancy Parkes creative writing, sustainability, public policy
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This 12-credit workshop is designed for a limited number of students who already have a foundation in writing fiction and/or creative non-fiction.  Through our writing, reading, and review of film as a medium, we will examine and practice the craft of creating rich characters, vibrant scenes, and crisp dialogue.  During spring quarter, students will produce one memoir-based piece, a short story or novel chapter, and a "student choice" writing block.  We will concentrate on the craft of revision with each section of writing.  This is an evening/weekend based program that will meet every Wednesday evenings and five Saturdays with critique groups meeting on Monday evenings to share drafts and assist one another with writing.  Students should also expect to spend additional time critiquing student work outside the classroom. 

Students should enroll for this program if they are confident that they have a foundation in writing fiction and creative non-fiction.  In summary, this means having knowledge of how to construct characters, create scenes, use dialogue, and have a clear sense of how to take a story from draft through revision.  Of course, we will continue to work on all literary techniques, yet this class isn't an introduction.  If a student has any question as to whether they are ready for the program, please send a sample of original writing (no more than five pages) as a Word document to parkesn@evergreen.edu, along with a two-paragraph summary in email of your experience with writing.  Please also stop by the academic fair to meet with faculty member Nancy A. Parkes.

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6-10p Mon/Wed, 9:30a-5p Sat (Apr. 14, 28, May 12, 26, Jun. 9).  First class meets on Wednesday, April 4.
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