2010-11 Catalog

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Tips for Using the Catalog

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Using the Undergraduate Index

Start by selecting the A-Z Undergraduate Index.


Type keywords in the Filter field to narrow the list of offerings.

Use Advanced Filter to filter the index by number of credits, class standing, day of the week and when it is offered.
Example: To find evening and weekend courses, select Offered During from Filter results pull down and select Evening (after 5pm) or Weekend (Saturday and/or Sunday). To clear a filter, click the clear link next to that filter.


To sort by column heading, click the heading name. To sort in descending order, select the heading twice.Example: To find offerings by quarter, click on the quarter heading. Sort multiple columns by holding the Shift key while selecting the column headers.

Quarters (F W S Su):

If a continuing program is not accepting new students, the quarter information will be grayed out. closed enrollment for winter

Graduate Offerings:

Graduate programs have individual indexes. However, some graduate offerings are available to undergraduate students in the undergraduate index. If a course is listed with GR standing, check the Undergraduate Credit Option field on the offering page for information on how to enroll.

Find Your Field of Study:

To sort by fields of study, click on a field of study listed on the index below the title or from the offering page, to display all programs which include that field of study. Or, select the Fields of Study index and search for your interest.

How to Read an Offering Description

The Offering Description is the detailed listing for a particular course, program, individual study, student originated study or undergraduate research opportunity.

Field of Study:

Click any field of study listed on an Offering Description to see other offerings in that field of study.

Enrollment Information:

CRNs (Course Reference Numbers) are used to register for an offering. The CRN is listed by term next to the number of credits and the class standing for that CRN.


Percentage of seats reserved for freshmen.


Advertised Schedule is the planned schedule.
Schedule and Location links to the actual schedule and location(s) for the offering once it has been assigned.

Online learning definitions:

  • No Required Online Learning: No access to web tools required.  Any
    web tools provided are optional for students.
  • Enhanced Online Learning: Access to web-based tools required, but
    use of these tools does not displace any face-to-face instruction.
  • Hybrid Online Learning: Some, but less than 75%, of instruction is
    delivered online rather than via face-to-face contact between students
    and instructor(s).
  • Complete Online Learning: An offering in which 75% or more of
    instruction is delivered online rather than via face-to-face contact
    between students and instructor(s).