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Intergovernmental Environmental Policy Issues

Fall 2012 quarter

Karen Fraser

The purpose of the class is to introduce students to the highly intergovernmental nature of most environmental and natural resources issues, which simultaneously involve federal, tribal, state, and local government policy-making, and which sometimes also involve other states and international treaties. 

The focus will be on how state legislative decision-making in this policy sphere takes into account the roles, authorities, and policies of other levels and types of governments.

Students will be asked to research an environmental or natural resources issue actively considered by the state Legislature which necessarily involves consideration of all four major levels of governments: .federal, state, local, and tribal.  Prior to the in-class intensive weekend, students will be expected to read selected documents, explore a variety of websites, and prepare brief reports on them.  They will also be expected to follow news media coverage of these types of issues.

Class discussion will be actively encouraged.

Experienced professionals will be invited to meet with the class.

Class location will be the Cherberg Building on the Capital Campus.

Instructor:  Karen Fraser, Washington State Senator


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Oct 26-28, 5-9p Fri, 9a-5p Sat/Sun
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Oct 26-28, 5-9p Fri, 9a-5p Sat/Sun
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